Lip Fillers with hyaluronic acid or own fat at Dr. Wim Danau

Why Lip Fillers?

Lip augmentation is a procedure that involves injecting a cosmetic filler into the lips in order to enhance its size and shape. Implants can also be used to augment the lips. This can benefit those that desire a more sensual look, or restore fuller lips for individuals that have lost volume and shape in their lips as a result of age and other factors. Lip fillers can temporarily provide enhancement to the lips appearance. The body eventually absorbs the injected material and for those wanting to maintain their desired results, they need to receive multiple treatments over time.

Various Lip Fillers

Lip augmentation can renew the entire aesthetic of your face by providing fuller, more contoured lips. A number of injectable lip fillers as well as fat injections, can enhance the lips and make them plumper and more sensual. Depending on the type of filler you and Dr. Wim Danau decide what is best to meet your enhancement goals. The effects of lip augmentation can last for months and can be maintained with touch-up treatments.

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Fat, Acid and Implants

There are various injectable fillers used for lip augmentation. Some of the more common lip fillers used include fat, hyaluronic acid and silicone implant. Fat injections involve fat harvested from the patient’s body and then injected into the lips. Hyaluronic acid is a newer form of injectable filler, that lasts longer than fat. Hyaluronic acid is non-animal based, meaning there is no risk of any allergic reaction. A silicone implant is made of a soft, solid silicone elastomer using an injection molding process to produce a naturally contoured implant

Risks and Benefits

Each of these lip fillers, even the ones not listed, carries their own set of benefits as well as risks. To learn more about the different types of injectable lip fillers that can be used for lip augmentation, please consult with your cosmetic surgeon.

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