Laser Treatment for skin rejuvenation and hair removal at Dr. Wim Danau

Why Laser Treatment?

Restore your skin to a youthful, smooth, and healthy appearance with laser skin resurfacing and laser hair removal at our practice in Belgium. Dr. Wim Danau provides these technologically advanced, minimally invasive treatments to address a number of skin conditions and rejuvenate and revitalize your skin.

Qualitative Laser Treatment

Which structures are damaged is determined, among other things, by the type of laser and the strength of the radiation. This means that not all skin abnormalities can be treated with one laser device. To achieve a good result, both the correct device and the correct settings must be selected. Below you can read more about the types of laser treatments.

Laser Treatment

Complete Skin Rejuvenation

The Fractional Erbium Yag Laser technology gives you a complete skin rejuvenation. Your skin will be renewed thanks to the production of new skin cells. Your skin will also undergo a new collagen boost to give you back a healthy, young, wrinkle free skin.

This treatment is ideal for skin rejuvenation of the face, neck, décolleté and hands. It also offers a solution to acne scars and stretch marks.

With this technology the skin is treated fractionated with micro spots laser light. This will have a shrinking effect at the level of your epidermis which enables your skin to be lifted. The same laser light will also stimulate the production of new collagen by penetrating deep into the dermis. As a result we notice a reinforcement and thickening of the underlying tissue which improves your skin’s elasticity.

Treatment of Pigmented Lesions

Dark spots, also called age spots, can appear due to sun damage, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance or aging skin. This gives the impression that your skin looks older than it really is. This treatment not only removes these pigment disorders but also rejuvenates your skin. An efficient way to normalize the skin pigmentation is through AFT 570 Light Therapy.

Permanent Hair Removal

In the old days we removed our unwanted hair by epilation, waxing or shaving. Not only the hair but also the hair follicles were pulled out. Hair removal was painful and we had to repeat it very often.

Today pain free permanent hair removal is possible with the newest technique of Super Hair Removal Light Therapy. After 5 to 8 treatments 80 to 90% of your unwanted hair will be gone forever.

The Super Hair Removal AFT Light Therapy is a revolutionary technology for hair reduction. It is the first virtually pain free hair removal system. The unique “in-motion” system gradually heats your hair follicle in the subdermal layer of your skin. This way the hair will be removed.

Tattoo Removal

Although tattoos are permanent, this is only to an extent. They can be removed if you decide you no longer want them. Older tattoos as well as amateur (“stick and poke”) tattoos are easier to remove than newer ones. Some colors are easier to remove than others as well. These include black, brown, dark blue and green. Larger, darker, more colorful tattoos are more time-consuming and expensive to remove than smaller, lighter, and less colorful ones. Due to the risk of side effects, it’s also more difficult to remove tattoos if you have darker skin, a preexisting skin condition, like eczema, or a health condition that affects the skin, such as herpes

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t remove your tattoo if any of this applies to you. It just means you may need to take a bit more time to find the best removal option for you. Your healthcare provider can also help you if you have a health condition. For example, they can prescribe antiviral medications to prevent a tattoo removal procedure from triggering a herpes flare-up. They can also refer you to a dermatologist for further guidance.

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