Gynecomastia procedure for men at Dr. Wim Danau

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a condition characterized by overly developed soft tissues in a male chest, leading to to a womanly looking chest. Gynecomastia is a medical term that comes from the Greek word for “woman-like breasts”. Gynecomastia affects an estimated 40 to 60% of men. It may affect only one breast or both. There is no known cause in the vast majority of cases, but this condition has been linked to use of certain medications and steroids. In addition, a large percentage of teenage boys experience mild to moderate gynecomastia that typically resolves by itself by the time the boy reaches adulthood. For men who feel self-conscious about their appearance, breast reduction surgery can help. The procedure removes fat and/or glandular tissue from the breasts, and in extreme cases, removes excess skin resulting in a chest that is flatter, firmer and better contoured. The results of the procedure are significant and permanent.

Why Gynecomastia?

Men and teenage boys with gynecomastia can experience a variety of negative consequences, including embarrassment, shame, low self-esteem, depression and other serious psychological problems. Dr. Wim Danau treats gynecomastia by performing male breast reduction surgery at his Belgium plastic surgery offices. During this procedure, he removes excess fat and tissue from a man’s breast area to create a firmer, more contoured chest.



Male breast reduction is performed as an outpatient procedure with the patient under general anaesthesia. The type of breast reduction technique Dr. Danau performs varies with each gynecomastia treatment patient, depending on whether the problem is caused by excess glandular tissue or fatty tissue.

If the cause of gynecomastia is fatty tissue, Dr. Danau might perform liposuction alone to remove the excess tissue. He will make several incisions around the nipple area and suction fat from beneath the skin through a thin tube known as a cannula.

In the case of excess glandular tissue, Dr. Danau may perform a surgical extraction of glandular tissue and sometimes skin as well. In some instances, both liposuction and tissue/skin extraction may be employed.


Following surgery, the patient will be provided with a compression garment to aid in the healing process and prevent swelling. Some bruising, soreness and swelling will occur, but any discomfort can be managed with medications provided by Dr. Danau. Heavy exercise should be avoided for several weeks, and the surgical scars should not be exposed to the sun for about six months. Most of the swelling should resolve after a few weeks, but the full benefits of the treatment will not be evident until approximately 90 days following surgery.

Resulsts of Gynecomastia

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