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What is liposuction?

There are many individuals looking to improve their bodily appearance. Many choose to diet and exercise, however some individuals possess fat deposits that are actually resistant to these methods. This may seem like the goal of reaching a better body is out of reach for these individuals, however liposuction offers a solution. Liposuction is a procedure that can remove these fat deposits that are diet and exercise resistant and achieve a better-shaped body. Although liposuction removes fat from unwanted areas, this procedure should not be considered as a substitute for exercise, nor is liposuction designed for weight loss. Liposculpture is a body contouring procedure. It is designed to help those who are near their normal body weight, but still possess bulging areas of fat. After undergoing liposculpture, most patients find that not only has their appearance improved, but they also feel more confident about their appearance.

Candidates for Liposuction

Ideal liposuction candidates are patients who are relatively physically fit, are less than 25 pounds overweight, and have excess fat in specific body areas. Liposuction can treat areas such as the neck, abdomen, chest and many other areas. This procedure can also be performed on several areas during a single operation, however consult with a cosmetic surgeon as to the possible risks for undergoing liposculpture in multiple areas and which technique will work best to meet your needs. Liposuction is also very effective when used in combination with tummy tuck and other cosmetic procedures to provide optimal body contouring results.



Traditional liposuction involves the insertion of cannulas, long metal tubes used to suction out fat cells, into small incisions made in the treatment areas. Dr. Danau gently moves the cannulas back and forth under the skin and vacuums out fat deposits, eliminating excess fat and recontouring the area. Traditional liposuction is also a fairly quick outpatient procedure, typically taking less than two hours to complete, depending on the size of the area being treated. Liposculpture may be performed using local anesthesia in many circumstances.


The swelling can last four to six weeks, while complete healing takes about three months. However, our patients are generally able to return to normal daily routines after about a week. Dr. Danau advocates the use of lymphatic massage following liposculpture. Lymphatic massage stimulates lymph flow to more rapidly remove fluid, proteins, and toxins from around the cells back into the bloodstream. The end result is less bruising and less edema to help speed the liposculpture recovery process. It is normal to have some numbness in the areas that liposuction took place. This is temporary but may take a full year to become normal again.

This is one surgery we do where we encourage some activity soon after surgery. The incisions are tiny and therefore do not take long to heal. Bruising is common but temporary. Patients are required to wear a compression garment (a girdle like garment that is worn under normal clothing) for 6 weeks. This helps minimize swelling and contour deformities.

We are often asked whether patients will gain an inordinate amount of weight elsewhere after liposuction. The answer is generally no. However, some patients find that they do not gain as much weight where the liposuction was performed and therefore, if they gain weight overall it will show in other places first. We stress the importance of maintaining your weight following liposculpure to minimize this.


As with any surgical procedure, traditional liposuction is not without a certain degree of risk. Some of the risks include:

  • Reaction to anesthesia

  • Fluid accumulation

  • Fat or blood clots which can migrate to the heart or lungs, leading to death

  • Skin injury

  • Infection

  • Excessive fluid loss

  • Asymmetry (uneven contour or shape)

  • Friction burns

  • Damage to vital organs

Many of the above liposculpture risks are extremely unlikely to occur. Dr. Wim Danau is highly skilled and trained in performing liposuction, and will take every precaution to ensure your safety.


Liposuction has helped millions of patients all over the world eliminate stubborn, excess fat. It has been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for decades and has a stellar track record as an effective treatment. Benefits of liposculpture include:

  • Fat removal in virtually any body area

  • Improved health

  • Minimal scarring which can be easily hidden

  • Ability to wear desired clothing

Liposculpture, performed in combination with a face lift, breast lift and other cosmetic procedures, can be an ideal way of achieving complete cosmetic rejuvenation. Contact our cosmetic surgery office to schedule a consultation with our skilled surgeon and learn how he can help you attain your aesthetic goals.

Resultats Liposuction

Here you can find some results of liposuction surgery by Dr. Wim Danau. Would you like to see more photos? Visit our photo gallery!





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