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Breast Treatments

Breast Treatments

Many women are unhappy with the size or shape of their breasts. Dr. Wim Danau will gladly discuss your personal requirements in his practice.

Breast Surgery

Facial enhancement

The only thing that facial surgery cannot do, is stop the aging process. But we can significantly turn back the hands of time.

Facial surgery

Body procedures

Many people aren’t entirely happy with every aspect of their physique. Let’s make an appointment to discreetly explore your options.

Body surgery

Clinic Dr. Wim Danau

Cosmetic treatments are more popular than ever before and now pleasingly accessible to the general public.

Enhance your body

Indeed, men and women all over the world are opting to reshape and enhance their bodies. This particular type of treatment is aimed at all sectors of the population: men and women, young and old, patients from all social backgrounds.

Improvements to both our quality of life and life expectancy have resulted in attitudes towards the body changing dramatically in recent years. Society has become enthralled with the concepts of eternal youth and body culture, increasingly encouraging us to “optimise” our appearance.

Correct your imperfections

Why accept yourself as you are, when there are plenty of ways to mask and correct imperfections? Thanks to plastic surgery, we can achieve the goal of a younger appearance without too much effort. Dr. Wim Danau has decades of experience in plastic surgery, including procedures for the face, the body and the breasts as well as non-surgical treatments. Discuss your wishes with him and achieve a fantastic result.

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Contact Dr. Wim Danau to make an appointment. Together you can discuss your wishes, plans and the possibilities in all discretion.